The Nilgiris, or Blue Mountains, lie at the southwestern tip of India. This is an area of sweeping grasslands, dense jungles, home to herds of elephants. It's also one of the few remaining natural habitats for Bengal tigers. The Nilgiri mountains rise to a height of 6,500 feet and receive an incredible 80 inches of rain each year. The landscape is quite unlike the rest of India, marked by rolling hills covered with dense vegetation and tea gardens. Many portions of the hills are preserved as natural reserve forests. Nilgiri Blue is a high elevation tea (Grown at 8000 feet). High elevation tea plants grow slower and generally provide lighter, more refined flavors. 

Tea production began in Nilgiri in 1840 and today there are more than 60,000 acres under cultivation. As a result of the low latitude and warm, moist conditions, the tea plants bud year round. In fact, this is one of the few regions that receives two monsoons each year. Nilgiri teas are strong and well-balanced, with a smooth, rounded flavor.

Nilgiri Blue is a strong, flavorful black tea. These rich burgundy leaves steep into bright amber, with a well-rounded body, smooth texture with slightly woody, floral and delightful citrus flavor and aroma that floats on your palate with hints of ripe summer blackberries. Makes a delicious iced tea, and is particularly suited to this preparation for it resists clouding more than most.

Nilgiri Blue Tea
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