Fido and Fluffy Beg You to Stop Poisoning Them!

Let's talk about blood sucking parasites. No, no... this is not a conversation about our ex's. I'm talking about the bane of every pet owner's existence. F*!#ing Fleas! These little bastards have plagued the household of pretty much every pet owner at one time or another. Unfortunately, most well-meaning pet parents wage a chemical warfare against these pests, while not fully knowledgeable of the implications these toxins have on the health of their homes and their families. Many of today's synthetic insecticides are powerful poisons that had their origin in the development of chemical warfare agents. Organophosphates and carbamares are two of the most common synthetic pesticides found in flea killers. Both are nerve-paralyzing agents capable of causing convulsions, nausea and respiratory arrest in host animals as well as in the insects they're intended to destroy. Fipronil can cause organ damage, thyroid cancer and damage to the nervous system. Ethanol can cause birth defects. Butylhydroxytoluene causes cancer, and carbitol can cause nerve and organ damage. These chemicals, especially in liquid form, are absorbed through the animals skin and taken up by the blood. Consequently, there are many cases of pesticide-related poisoning each year, involving not only pets, but also children who handle pesticide-treated animals. I'm sure most people think to refrain from cuddling with Fido immediately after application.  But remember, these products are designed to last 30+ days on your pets skin and fur. Every time you pet your pup, you're exposing yourself to a chemical S%$tStorm. In addition to the scary potential for immediate poisoning, long-term treatment with synthetic pesticides can eventually lead to kidney failure and other medical complications. It's no doubt that some of the cancer seen in companion animals is related to the use of chemical pesticides against fleas. As Dr. Dressler explains in his book, the Dog Cancer Survival Guide, the development of Transitional Cell Carcinoma (TCC) is particularly linked to exposure to insecticides. Nobody makes a pet a part of the family, only to intentionally give it cancer! As if all of that information wasn't scary enough... here's another little fun fact. As fleas become increasingly resistant to the synthetic chemicals science has produced for their control, pesticide manufacturers are making their products increasingly stronger — and more dangerous — in an attempt to keep pace with the parasites. Add to that, global warming making the pest season increasingly longer in most parts of the country. It’s a tough position to be in, because we must protect our pets from the dangers of pest-borne illness, but we also want to protect them from hazardous chemicals.
Have I scared the bejesus out of you yet?? Good! Now throw away all of that nasty pesticide, and let's discuss ways that we can fight nature with nature. Remember, even in the midst of a flea invasion, it's important not to let the urgency of your need to get rid of the pests, override concern for the safety of your pets and household. I have been there, trust me. It's exactly what started the development of these products. My dog wound up infested. The temptation of the poisonous quick fix was unbearable. However, I am stead fast in my belief in an organic home, and was absolutely blown away by the results which far exceeded my expectations. It has been over a year now that my dog has been flea free using the methods I'm outlining below.
Like other parasites, fleas target less healthy hosts, as well as puppies and kittens with undeveloped immune systems. Therefore, the first defense for our pets is to optimize their health and immunity. Feeding them the best diet possible with a sprinkling of Bugger Off! Nutritional Supplement on top is priority number one. Bugger Off! Nutritional Supplement is a 100% natural and organic supplement fortified with a full range of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and essential omega fatty acids that are beneficial to the overall health of your pet. This formulation is a natural, effective, flea, mosquito, mite, lice, and blood sucking insect control remedy for pets. Another effective boost to not only flea fighting, but also general health, is to add a teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar to your pet's drinking water or food. Not only does it deter fleas, it improves skin and coat condition from the inside-out.
Also, don't forget that the ultimate weapon in the battle with fleas is the Flea Comb. Pamper that pet... they will love it! Daily flea combing may sound tedious, but it is a very helpful step while you are working on your companion's health and taking environmental action. Don't forget to add a touch of soap to the water that you'll be dropping those buggers in, just to ensure that they drown. I must say, it's pretty satisfying watching them fall to the bottom of the bowl.
Bathing your companion regularly is an excellent way to kill fleas. Remember to use a natural shampoo and to lather the neck first, so fleas can't run up onto the head. Leave the lather on your pet for a few minutes to help smother any persistent fleas, and then rinse well. After towel drying, spray generously with Bugger Off! Herbal Defense Spray, a formulation of 11 Organic Essential Oils that make fleas run for the hills. This spray can be applied daily to not only your pet, but also bedding. Remember, any time you use a flea repellent, be sure to put the treated pet outside for a few hours so that the fleas won't re-infest your home as they abandon ship!
Most of the flea population lives and develops in your house and yard, not on your pet. Treating the environment is essential if you want to win this war. Vacuuming and washing hard-surfaced floors often – daily during the height of flea season – is the least toxic way to control fleas. This will remove most of the adults, and some eggs and larvae. Keep in mind the larvae don't like light, so vacuum under furniture and around baseboards, anywhere near your pet's favorite places to hang out. Don't forget to add some Bugger Off! Herbal Defense Powder to the vacuum canister or bag, and to dispose of it's contents immediately.  After a thorough cleaning, sprinkle Bugger Off! Herbal Defense Powder onto your flooring, carpets, and pet bedding. Work it into all the cracks and crevices. This powder is completely non-toxic, and can even be applied directly to your pet's coat as a dry shampoo.
Finally, Beneficial nematodes are a natural way to control fleas in the yard, especially during wet weather. Beneficial nematodes are a flea parasite. They are tiny little critters that prey on both adult fleas and larvae. They are applied with a hose sprayer or, in a smaller yard, with a watering can.
Using natural methods takes more effort than dropping a blob of pesticide on your cat's or dog's back, but in the long run, your pets, your family, and your environment will be healthier!
Now is the perfect time to start the transition over to natural parasite control. The cooler months are still upon us. If you start supplementing with Bugger Off! now, the beneficial compounds will have plenty of time to build up in your pets system before Spring and its bounty of parasites abound once again.

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