Beginning of the Journey

A year ago I didn't even understand what a blog was, yet now here I am with one to call my very own. Honestly, I still don't even really understand blogging. Something about having a whole lot of ideas floating in your head, and finding a way to put them out there for all of cyber universe. Ask anyone that knows me and they will be shocked at this venture. Mind you, I lived perfectly fine without a cell phone for many years. Smoke signals were the best way to get a hold of me. Carrier pigeon perhaps. So now I have to jump outside my comfort zone… where I keep totally private and I’m a complete introvert…. to actually discuss my life. Ugh…with complete strangers. (Seriously, my nickname in college was “hermit”). Good, Bad, Ugly, Beautiful, Funny, Sad… I’m putting it all out there. This is part of the journey...the transformation...the whole new me. Blah blah blah. How many times have you heard that before? And why should you follow my journey when there are a million others out there begging for your attention? Well because part of this journey, my journey, involves sharing what I learn along the way. And what I’m learning is amazingly cool. Life changingly cool. Life lengthening and breadthingly cool! 

So where did this whole transformation start, you may ask? Good question. I have no friggin idea. I think it has always been looming in the background. But like most people I got caught up in the day to day, the month to month, the year to year. I liked things. Tons of things. Pretty things. Expensive things. New things. Old things (because I can’t get rid of ANYthing). More and more things, things, THINGS. (Lol I sound like Dr. Seuss)  We are all products of the media... churning out consumers and padding the CEO pockets on the backs of our declining health and happiness. They sell us the idea that we gain happiness by having all those things. We bust our butts working for these companies…. slaving away, just so we can then turn around and use our meager paychecks to buy those same companies products. Why?... well because we have been brainwashed into thinking we needed their crapola. It’s an endless cycle where the rich get richer, and we get sicker. Totally on a tangent right now. Get used to it though… if you choose to follow me you’ll be getting those regularly.

Screeeeccchhh….. OK back on course. So in a nutshell, pre transformation, this was my life. Single mom, horribly draining divorce, busting my butt, commuting 3-4 hours a day to get to a job that I didn’t even enjoy... but, it kept me in my Lexus, and my Calvin Klein dresses, and oh how I love jewelry, and shoes and purses, and I needed a big ol house with a pool (for all my STUFF of course). I was running myself ragged and I was miserable. I was medicated for depression and anxiety and insomnia and migraines. I was a damn mess. But all I could do was keep going. Day by day, month by month, year by year. Hamster in a wheel. Until one day… I simply no longer had a job. Poof!... just like that. Very quickly I was spinning out of control…. down that deep dark well of depression and anxiety. My bank account dwindling to nothing was the beginning of the transformation. Unbeknownst to me at the time, life was getting better... not worse. As the zeros in my bank account disappeared one by one, so did the superfluous things in my life. The first to go was cable TV. I had always contemplated cutting the cord, but had never been brave enough to do so, until I was absolutely forced. Also known as... you haven't paid the bill in months. A tear may have been shed the first few days, but I quickly realized that I had so much more time for other things. The pile of books on my nightstand that I had been meaning to read but never got around to. Going outside in the sunshine and enjoying time with my son. And the best part of being unplugged? You are no longer plugged into the constant feed of commercials and product placement and brainwashing that the media force feeds us. “BUY THIS, DO THIS, LIVE LIKE THIS.” It’s like being in an abusive relationship where you feel like you need the other person in your life… despite them always making you feel like crap. TV “programming” is a perfect representation of a narcissistic relationship. If you’re unfamiliar with narcissism, you’re either lucky that you haven’t encountered it… or more likely, you’re a victim of it and don’t even know what it is. Either way, look into it, that way you can recognize it and avoid it like the plague.

Screeeeccchhh…. So no more TV, no more phone, no more shopping, no more eating out. But a funny thing was happening. Instead of being angry or resentful, I was actually starting to embrace these changes. I saw the positive impact that it was having on my life. It was like a cloudy haze was lifted and I wasn’t merely a consumer zombie anymore. I loved being home with my son. I loved having the time to enjoy the little things. And I mean really really little things. I started planting seeds, and watching these amazing sprouts come out. Whoa! I needed to learn more about that!
I loved cooking dinner every night. No more drive thru meals… mama was in the kitchen cooking with real ingredients. One day I decided (or maybe the glass of wine decided) that I should smear some of those ingredients on my face. So there I am cooking up a meal with a bit of leftovers facial. I think it was lemon and banana. The wine logic was that it was an all natural skincare remedy. And even after the wine wore off… it still surprisingly seemed logical. So I decided to start researching the active ingredients. What was in the lemon or the banana that made my skin feel so wonderful? This was the opening of Pandora’s box. Down the rabbit hole I went. All of a sudden I’m smearing ingredients on my face and hair every night as I cook. My son thought I was ridiculous, so naturally I held him down and gave him a pineapple and turmeric facial as well.  Now we both look ridiculous kiddo. One ingredient led to another, and another, and another. My days were spent researching every component of every product I have used on my body and in my household. I was in awe of the toxins that the products lining the shelves of every store are laden with. Multiply that by 30-40 products that the average person comes in contact with on a daily basis. We are a walking science experiment. A chemical shitstorm is going on inside our bodies, and yet we wonder why disease is rampant. 

The closest approximation I can use to describe as to how this transformation journey of mine went, is the pulling of a loose thread on a sweater. The more I pulled the more it all unraveled around me. Everything I had been conditioned to perceive as normal was not. We are not living our lives. We are dying. At an alarmingly diseased and rapid pace. We have lost control of our health at the sake of convenience. How could we be so completely uneducated when it comes to truly living a healthy life?  A life in tune with everything that nature provides for us. Our ancestors would totally be facepalming right now. So I guess there was my real turning point. I decided that I was done using prepackaged chemical laden products. I was going to get down to the basics and research the hell out of everything I could get my hands on. I threw out all the products I had stockpiled on my shelves from my couponing days. A side note on that, by the way… those are the worst of the worst. Anything that you can hoard with a coupon is going to give you cancer. Ditch it all!  Ok I don't really expect you to ditch it all at once. But at least start integrating, little by little, more natural alternatives.

You may be thinking "But who has time to research all that stuff? Is there really someone crazy enough to look at every single ingredient and test run every healthy alternative?"  Who is going to read stacks and stacks of alternative medicine books? Pore over ancient texts and modern case studies?  Does anyone really have time to dedicate their lives to this? You betcha... that would be me.  I would be that OCD imbecile.  At your service :-)

So down the rabbit hole I go.  And I invite you to come with me. Yes... i will tell you to "Drink This" and "Eat This".  (Total Alice in Wonderland pun intended)  But I will tell you to do so only because I have already done it and had fabulous results.  I'm your own personal independent test facilitator. Well that's the fancy label I gave it, when in all reality I'm a guinea pig.

I know many people that start a blog get compensated for endorsing products.  For the most part, the products I endorse can be found on my Pure Home Essentials website. I truly truly believe in everything I sell... as I use it in my own home, on my own family. My goal is to educate everyone into living this healthier lifestyle... little by little... by going along on the journey with me.  Let's start living healthier and happier lives.  Let's start teaching our children the basics. Basics that have been lost over time, but desperately need to be implemented for the future of our planet and generations.

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." -Lau Tzu